I support Uber

Yes, I didn’t like the exaggeration deleting this wonderful app when Uber actually helped travelers by taking the surge price off.  Will you do the same and delete your medical app just because the hospitals are open during a certain political period? #foff you and your thinking. Sorry protestors! I am with you, but ain’t it all about a freedom of expression?

What can Uber do if all its drivers are voluntarily in the protest and parked their cars for good?

And why weren’t you asking to close the airports too, why only car transport?

So, try to understand the many Uber drivers who were also with you on that day and for God’s sake, shun these attention craving celebrities and people.  (Yes, celebrities and people are two different biological segments for most of the times). And the Uber drivers belong to the latter and are with you, I am sure.

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bomb blasts don’t scare me

There is a bomb (or many) exploding everyday in some part of the world, probably killing a man, woman or a baby.. possibly hurting many…. whether someone loses life or a limb, yes, its happening everyday somewhere mercilessly.. and

If you think you are in a safe country/district/house with strong boundary walls, then you are WRONG.. because any wall can/will be breached someday… the more you resist/postpone, the worst the breach..

Terrorism and Extremism are now Global pain points, many countries suffering and many more trying hard to contain/counter it.. We would need strong political will, sublime sacrifices and a super strong society to curb this menace, if at all we are doing it anytime in the near or far future. While few countries are good in terms of internal security, intelligence network, preventing infiltration etc., many other countries still lack the infrastructure to go/remain safe..

I live free and wild. I live or die but without fear.

I live free and wild. I live or die without fear.

Lets defer the discussion of how India is vulnerable or what makes us so insecure.. The first thing that comes to my mind which needs immediate address is how people react to a bomb blast.. You see the facebook/twitter likes flooded with statements of fear, insecurity or curse. You find the print/news Media having some fun/profit time with the images, video clips, statements, statuses and tweets.. I think this is all wrong and to be corrected immediately..

Terrorism in its most basic form is growing as a psychological attack…. To rip the whole country apart, you would need a very major blast (something like a Hiroshima) but you can easily invoke fear, scare the shit away of people with a simple tiffin box bomb… And if the area/country is crowded, if the population is innocent and illiterate, if there is no proper surveillance and no good authority to check things, then it would only magnify the sense of insecurity/vulnerability by a thousand times..

So what should we so called literates do?

I understand fear is an integral part of the human biological system.. but as a species, we are more evolved to overcome fear. And at the same time, we must thwart the psychological attack first. Be strong and send that message out. Tweet that you are strong and don’t care a fuck about their bombs or ideology. Update your facebook that you don’t fear at all. Write on your blog and spread the message.

In the end we are all living in a Darwinian Model whether its bombs or brains… Sooner or later the pain would reach you if not the solution.  Lets live or die, but without fear.

It may not solve the original problem, but it springs up courage.. and courage brings a sense of mind.. and then awareness and a solution might follow…. who knows?

thanks for reading.


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