Sorghum Dosa

If gluten-free, dietary fiber and essential nutrients are the first to go in your breakfast, then hail the culinary wisdom of India, here is the best of all millets for its mineral richness and overall popularity among the medieval taste buds.. The Sorghum… and a dosa out of it.. Enjoy it with a good topping of onion and ginger 🙂  #millet #mania #continues #sunday #experiment  (For best taste, Sorghum and blackgram in 3:2 ratio, soaked for 8 hours and batter fermented for 5 hours)

Sorghum Dosa

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home made organic veggie burger

evenin quick bite..  only the bread, onions, tomato, cheese strips n the veg patty r bought but organic of course 🙂 😉 😛

evening quick bite - home made organic veggie burger

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దాచినదంతా పంచెయ్

pl don’t mind the crude recording, out of rhythm fervor and impassionate satire.. ;):) just grab the meaning and lemme know your feedback ;):)

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you live in the past when you can’t fight it now.
you live in the future when you don’t like it now…
but my friend.. now is the time you bundle your past to fire the shuttle of your dreams
and shoot it into your future to reach all those crazy streams..
…. now… just NOW.

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Life to me is..

A one shot recording of a 2 minute essay on what life means to me 🙂 pl don’t mind the tech glitches.

pl click the above ‘play’ button (soundclound player).. or read on:


Life to me is a chess game, so i always start with a few prepared bookish moves and I know everything else is completely random, dynamic and incidental after the start.. Everything I do is started in a completely planned manner. Everything I start is absolutely error proof in the beginning.

Life to me is a chess game, so I play the middle part even more carefully. Come what may, I am prepared. I am planned and I am ready. I make my moves cautiously and I take pleasure in the randomness that comes my way. I enjoy the dynamism and uncertainty that surrounds me. The stunning beauty of life, mixed with the myriads of emotions encircling the glory of my past, present and future.. nudging my soul to always optimize whatever is given to me.. leaving a trail behind, my own trail, my own mark and my own scent that tells you I have treaded this way…. that I have played that game.

Life to me is a chess game, so I end it gracefully.. win or loss. What and how I played is most important to me than the outcome.  I never forget a loss. and I don’t care to remember a win. I learn new things all the way. I respect my opponent when he shakes his hand with an utter sense of disbelief that he lost. And I salute him when he leaves my arena with utmost admiration in his eyes, without knowing that he prepared me for my next game.

Life to me is a chess game, so its not what I learn or play that gives me the full pleasure. Its that profound sense of satisfaction when I share my knowledge, experience, wins and losses with whoever seeks a minuscule amount of help to learn something from my life, is what makes me ecstatic.

Life to me is sharing the knowledge.


thank you for your time,


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my kids’ anatomy class ;)

Watch it once for each. They both have different expressions and tasks.. 😉 chiccheswaram & banneswaram are the latest nicks doing rounds.. 😉


<balu />
గెలిచేవరకూ ఓడిపోగలిగే సత్తా ఉన్నప్పుడు కోరుకున్నవాటికన్నా కోల్పోయినవే ఎక్కువుండటం పెద్ద సమస్యేంకాదు.

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what a mix is life?

The more I admire the human life, the more it astounds me with yet another dimension. You talk philosophy, you preach science, you live an atheist, you spread logic, you respect god, you fear Karma, you do anything or you don’t do one, there is always this inner thread that goes through your every action connecting each frame with something else, leaves a clue for you either to pick it and explore further or to leave it into the oblivion that is called the past. Its all like a jigsaw puzzle that you earnestly try to put together each piece in place and the moment you solve it that you are given a new puzzle… and you start searching to put the new piece in its place.. all the way never realizing  your own silent acknowledgment — in the rush to finish, in the run for success — that each piece is actually connected with many.

So, when i was lasting the different phases of my own past, I always felt this connection between each frame, just like you are incessantly represented by a stream of GPS co-ordinates, that only the positional x,y-values change but the plot remains the same… more or less..

Life's elements in concentric circles (Hypothesis-1)

Life’s elements in concentric circles (Hypothesis-1)

Just like any of you, I have never known what future has in store for me.  I don’t think of a phenomenal success or becoming a Billionaire over night, I don’t worry about any grave debacle that rips apart all of me into pieces  ….. or for that matter, what occupies my mind is only ‘what next’.. a small incremental, immediate next…  I happily flounder about in this great maze of directions, always willing to trace-back and correct my path.  If you ask me about my long-term plans, as to what will I be after 10 years etc., then I silently laugh at the question.  When there is so much dynamism in what we do and as much uncertainty associated with everything, there is practically no point in answering that question., or even think about it. Never mind.

And then this observation. This study.  This sense of living amidst fully grown(?) distinct independent minds and contemplating them, the changing relations, the crashing studies, the teaching interactions, then altering my own self-learning algorithms.. its all a pretty hectic life we live here, you know.

But, there is no big deal in all this. Everyone lives it, more or less the same way.  So, when I found myself so lost in situations, stumbling over my own definitions that I thought were otherwise so concrete/fool-proof, wading through some inexplicable moments of embarrassment around the bend.. it is then that I realized I should have some clarity over the constituent elements of my life.  ‘Things’ are not very important, as deliberately misconstrued by many, but it is ‘People’ that are the real ingredients of any juicy life and so did I brood over it.

My first thoughts are of a ‘self-centered’ approach, ‘me’ at the center of the whole universe, then drew concentric circles representing the elements based on their proximity/relevance to my very own existence. These circles slowly faded away as I moved outwards into a vast, unexplored & unknown universe.  I could only have some clarity on myself, my family, friends and the acquaintances… in a decreasing order.  This Design proved to be somewhat appropriate, connected some dead-ends and looked budding.  It made me a student for the rest of my life, forever in search of a Truth, in search of a Realization.. its like having lakhs of big books in the library and you decided to read every one of them.

Then, I watched people drifting across the circles both inwards and outwards.  I acknowledged outer circles having stronger influence on me (at times) contrary to the Design postulations. I continued regarding each circle, the bigger the more.  The smaller, the deeper. Life was moving on as usual in Brownian motion. Then happened a daunting discovery… that I am not the true center of all these concentric circles… that there is something within me which is of huge astronomical proportions., which is omnipresent in each & every part of my life, which decides the course of my actions, which influences even the tiniest of my interactions.  Its my Id.. Its my Ego.. the combination of which I can only think of  as a supermassive blackhole whose presence can neither be ignored nor peacefully lived with.  Its a confession I have to make to the world. Its a discovery that reflects everyone in the same mirror.  It applies to all of you.

And so I found I am sandwiched between the two Universes, the Internal and the External. Greatly, the intermediate circles in the Design now look to be existing only to help me ease through all this.  Only to provide some lubrication making my life little easier. If you understand this concept, you will be a changed man forever.  You will change for me.  You will change along with me. One sure positive thing about all this is that I have so much to be eventually tamed, so much more to take control of and even more to submit myself to… 🙂

And the fun side of it?  Stop saying ‘you are my heart’ to your girlfriend next time, but say ‘You are my blackhole’  🙂 (’cause you can’t get deeper than that you see :p )

Thanks for spending time to read my mind and please please let me know your thoughts.

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cleared A1-level German Language Course :)

Goethe Zertifikat A1 Zeugnis

yes, it can be a simple certificate for someone


I cleared the A1-level German Language Course at Goethe Institute…. 🙂  I should say it is a somewhat tough exam with 4 sections in Listening (Hören),  Reading (Lesen), Writing (Schreiben) and Speaking (Sprechen) and yeah I cleared them all with a very good percentage 😀

Actually I was expecting more in Writing, Speaking than Listening  but it turned out otherwise 🙂

I know its not a big deal and I am planning lot of (other) things too, but yeah, just wanted to share with you all.

yey!!! join the celebrations … 😀 😀 😀

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complement by negation

welcome everything. You don't have a choice either ;)

welcome everything. You don't have a choice either 😉

Carefully observe the pic above.  Its greenery on one side and barren on the other. The silhouette is only darker against a bright sky. There are tall hills distantly with deep valleys just in between. It was a random shot from behind when i was unknowingly opening my arms wide to the cool Himalayan breeze. I was in a blissful state in the lap of mother nature.  Strangely, my mind just went numb with the beauty of the landscape to actually ‘think’ of anything but i somehow felt there were thousands of life’s moments gushing thru my mind of past, present and the future. It is only a picture, just another picture for all of you, but it is showing me the eternal meaning of life.  There is light & darkness all around us. There is happiness & pain. There is victory & defeat, love & hatred, memories & forgetfulness, good & bad… When i came back and was checking the pics, I found this picture talking to me directly, trying to teach a greater meaning to my otherwise naive psyche. It was telling me that the above pairs are wonderful only when they are blended with each other. Each element entwining with its negation to become a mere complement as a whole.

Don’t know why  a common man’s life is filled so much with philosophy? Or is it plain introspection? Or is it just another visceral contraption? Drop a comment if you have any idea 🙂

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Chief Minister, Karnataka & Traffic aCP, bangalore acknowledged my suggestion :)

I even marked a copy to the Supreme Court of India, CNN-IBN and some others 🙂

(20100214) The suggestion is simple:  Pl tie up with Vehicle Insurance Companies to provide on the spot insurance if one is found not having a valid insurance.

Inspiration:  I thought of this when I paid a fine of Rs.500/- for not having a valid insurance on my old bike, where it would have cost me approx Rs.600/- to take one :((   In that sense I paid a fine which is almost equal to the actual insurance cost.

Status:  Traffic Addl.Commissioner of Police acknowledged my suggestion, but didn’t say anything about its feasibility etc.  Even the CM’s personal web site replied back that the point would be discussed in next assembly session .. don’t worry, its an auto response :p

Lets c how it goes.

(20100215) Update-1: Nono. Its not an auto response from CM but he referred the issue to the Commissioner, Traffic, Bangalore 🙂  wow.  Thank you Yedyurappa Sir.

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Time for harsher punishments to check crime rate

My heart sank when i saw the news that the 9 year old girl who was kidnapped yesterday in vijayawada was found dead in a boiler. It was not long ago that the gory scene of the hacked Sub-Inspector dying on the road in full public view with a Minister’s convoy at his side.  Just a few days prior to it was the heinous acid attack in the name of love.  It really bothers me in what sort of a society we all live in and what actually is our reaction to all of this. I know most of us would read/see the news, get up or get ready to go to the office on a daily routine and forget the hell till next morning.  But I seriously wanted to collect at least your opinion.  pl participate in this one word poll.

thanks to all who participate in this.  Will get back shortly with the results.

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appreciate CNN-IBN for awarding Javed Abidi

I really appreciate CNN-IBN for picking up the right person for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Javed Abidi truly deserves this for his untiring efforts in bringing some honour/comfort to the disabled..um..no,…differently-abled.  And I completely agree that the National Building Code must encorporate the amendments he is proposing, so that every new construction from here in onwards will have well-laid-access to those people, who just can’t take those stairs.  It may be 2 or 3 steps before i take the elevator, but its damn uncomfortable for them to go by everyday. You just can’t understand it so easily., you are blessed, right?

Time for hon’ble Minister Jaipal Reddy to wake up and ”spend one evening seriously in his work life” to cause the amendments.  Hats off to you Javed Sir. and Kudos CNN-IBN.

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ego & forgetfulness

In a world of crass dynamism, I often find people pinned to their egos.  Then I tried to map what things they remember and what they do not.  The forgetfulness people experience for themselves seems to have two variants, one that concerns all things that don’t directly involve them and the other which do. I was of the opinion that ego is something that belongs to the ‘conscious’ part of the human mind. But I am stunned to find how ego and subconsciousness go hand-in-hand.  I find the first variant of forgetfulness pushing images/incidents/facts out of the human mind rather easily and people ‘forget’ them, perhaps because they think they do not have a [direct] bearing. But the second variant is the one that recently astonished me wherein ‘forgetting’ is nothing but pushing the memories into a hidden reservoir which is straightly accessible to the subconscious state of mind. So, in this case, men looked like they don’t remember/care what happened in the past, but their deeds/behaviour/responses are all seem to have insidiously influenced by that reservoir, with no conscious acknowledgement of it.

Let me know your observations.

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To: Hon’ble @ShashiTharoor on Justice & Forgiveness

With a fond hope that he would read someday, this reply to his tweet dated 20091105:


is it better to pursue justice even if this will keep wounds open,or to forgive in hope of healng?Is thr real forgiveness amid fear?


The slight sense of dilemma in there is what drew my attention and encouraged me to script these few words. With due respect to his vast experience in foreign affairs, and to the context that might have gone into his mild frustration exhibited upfront ( there was a disturbing shoot out in Kashmir and a  bomb blast in Pakistan prior to it), I only wondered how the two distinct sects of thought can actually be intermingled to lead to those questions filled with indefiniteness.

Justice is distinct and more fundamental than benevolence, charity, mercy, generosity or compassion. Its sole aim is to verify and restore that something which is decried to have been lost and which is sought back, sub judice.

Forgiveness is another tactful sphere of our social, psychological lives where it is done for the sole purpose of doing it.

You can never think of Forgiveness before the actual Justice is delivered.  And it is not possible to deliver true Justice with Forgiveness in consideration.

While they both stand distinct so, Justice do not consider any wounds open or closed, until it delivers itself.  Forgiveness do not extend itself with some ‘healing’ expectations in return.  Neither Forgiveness can take adjectives like ‘real’, ‘perpetual’ or whatever. And this Fear, yes, its a part and byproduct of our every day lives, not just in metaphorical sense, but as a social dogma resulting out of some impatient schools of thought, Fear is slowly becoming a major player in every speech, act and quotation. Every one suddenly wants to use it for their marketing., whether it is religion, politics or a simple news-paper-editing.  Fear is already an inseparable part of an average citizen, what ever his country is. So, whether I actually forgive someone to have less of it, or care a damn for his suicide bomb, it doesn’t matter to me.

So I say, Justice is Justice, don’t mix Fear, Healing & Forgiveness with it. No more dilemmas.

I only felt I should be elaborate to you on this 🙂 if only you care some feedback ..

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my first own haircut

I did my first haircut today on my own. I am really happy not for it came out pretty well but for i have been thinking of doing this for a decade or more.

I don’t pretend Gandhiji would be happy with this but I personally have vouched today that there is no more apartheid practiced in my family, if at all it existed in my forefather’s times.

But whatever…

zero cut, crop cut, navy cut, military cut, air cut, mutt cut, basin cut… my list is ready for the never ending experiments…. 😀

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