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Legume Paradise — బొబ్బర్ల దోశ – ఉలవల చట్నీ — Black-eyed-peas dosa with Horsegram chutney

If you are an energy freak but likes a zero glucose, zero fat, zero cholesterol recipe, then this wonder combination with superb amounts of soluble Fiber, symbiotic bacteria, Iron, Potassium and Zinc will be on your menu, salute the Leguminosae.  You don’t need guts of steel to digest these but the health burst will surely be visible the next time you go for a hike or hit the gym..  Along with that heavy coat of nicely baked onions and ginger, this will also help tune your body to maintain a steady temperature no matter what the weather is..  Try it out and lemme know. Traditional Indian Recipes never let you down 🙂 #sunday #experiment
బొబ్బర్ల దోశ -- ఉలవల చట్నీ -- Black-eyed-peas dosa with Horsegram chutney

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golden warriors

pungent ginger pickle is cornered alone by the golden warriors from all sides but they all lost in the end ;):P

hail ginger 🙂

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Jowar Ootappam with Ginger-Jaggery Chutney

Traditional, Delicious and Healthy

Traditional, Delicious and Healthy

జొన్న కలి జొన్నయంబలి జొన్నన్నము జొన్న కూడు జొన్నలె తప్పన్
సున్న సుమీ సన్నన్నము పన్నుగ పలనాటి సీమ ప్రజలందరకున్  – శ్రీనాధుడు(1365-1450)

The above Telugu poem written some 600 years back, stressed the important role played by Jowar (Sorghum) in the Palnadu Region.  Jowar was a mainstream food source back then. It was healthy, inexpensive and so was damn popular in the lower/middle strata of the society.. The sarcastic quip that really excites me though is the subtle comment on Rice.  The poetic exuberance in recommending Jowar (and its various Recipes) stands even more relevant in today’s times..and relevant for everyone of us.

He was my fav great poet, and that was about my fav great cereal and so comes out my heart shouting it loud.

Its just another trendy experiment that turned out to be a delicious treat this morning. And that made me a sumptuous breakfast 🙂 thanks to my wonderful wife 🙂

Preparation is easy and intuitive. Taste is awesome. You know how to prepare Ootappam, just that you use Jowar/Urad combo instead of Rice/Urad.  Don’t forget to go with the ginger-jaggery chutney that complements it all.

So what are you waiting for?

thanks for reading,


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Ginger-Vegetable-Cashew-Ghee Upma

It sounds casual but there lies lot of improvisation in this… I didn’t get a proper chance so far to introduce my culinary skills to you.. 😉 yeah I am a foodie and I cook  great dishes too (for myself ;):P) .. So lets  see the first of this series… Ginger-Vegetable-Cashew-Ghee Upma.. 🙂

Ideated & Improvised by 'Daddy'.. Implemented & Engineered by 'Mommy' :)

Ideated & Improvised by ‘Daddy’.. Engineered & Implemented by ‘Mommy’ 🙂

You know Upma is the fastest energy source, don’t you? Its light on stomach, digests fast, some quick calories and makes for a great breakfast. And here is how we tried it today which turned out to be a great hit (as usual 😉 )

  1. I like strong Ginger flavor/taste and so added lot of this hot spice.. thatz the trick and main ingredient here;
  2. Fry the cashew nuts separately with surplus Ghee and use it as topping in the end; Never miss to ensure they are just golden in color;
  3. Because I am a grass-eating goat, that I always appreciate a ton of vegetables in everything I eat;
  4. Cut the veggies in uniform shapes to give it all a proper texture;
  5. Tempering is an art and you should use all the big list of spices and roast them moderately adding one by one, adding the hardest first; So the nuts/dals go first and the mustard seeds, jeera be added in the last moment;
  6. Coriander be sliced in tiny to small cuts and used in the last few mins of stewing;
  7. I like it spicy and so are there a bunch of Mirchi.
  8. Finally, when you are serving it in the plate, make a small trough and fill it with the ghee/cashew that were fried separtely;

Lets talk about the nutrition, calories and health benefits of this great dish some other time.. Its already a big log post 🙂 I don’t want people to shun away because of its length.. 🙂

Its all guys.. and then you have to eat it.. its all 🙂 How do you like it? lemme know.

thanks for reading,


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