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greatest trick for better communication between wife and husband, men and women.

I finally figured it out and its my responsibility to share this secret recipe with the rest of the world. Whenever a husband communicates with his wife, he must remember these 3 rules: 1) Say it with love; 2) Say it softly; 3) Say it again… I bet you will never have a communication problem again.. for all the marital bliss for eternity.. All the best to you.
greatest trick for better communication between wife and husband, men and women.

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why men love their cars than women?


Ahem! … I finally figured out why Men like their cars more than Women..

  • Because a car carefully ‘listens’ to the driver, simply follow his command actions without a hesitation;
  • Tries to comfort him all the time with only the “possible/available” resources;
  • He can lower the windows anytime for fresh air to stroke his hair affectionately and solace him “silently”;
  • He can click a button any time to know where his car is;
  • He can drink a beer while still sitting inside the car;
  • … and many more.. Please add if you have any points.

WARNING: The above logic doesn’t apply to your ladylove. In fact, Love is always beyond logic, mortals!

Thanks for reading.


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Whale Tail licence plate from California Coastal Commission

By reading about dinosaurs as a kid, probably started my love of huge animals .. then of course the elephants, rhinos and whales were only a dream away reading all those books.. So when I saw the specialized license plate by California Coastal Commission, I just couldn’t resist and yey I got mine.. 🙂 Then to give it a techie tinge, you write a letter as a number ;):P


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Love & Hate :: what we should teach our kids by learning ourselves

Hate is big & strong but Love starts small and outgrows it.

Hate is big & strong but Love starts small and outgrows it..

I have read many wonderful quotations all my life on Love and Hate. Devoured a bunch of great books at a relatively young age. But thats all theory.  Never did I experience so much peace than when I actually replaced all hate in my mind with love and started forgiving people. It’s so much lighter to just forget all the bad things that happened to you. It’s even easier to move on by feeling sorry for all the bad things you did to others.

And this is not something you will learn by reading books or by pupillage. You can’t teach this to your friends and family.  You can only do it yourself and then spread the message… So do I now 🙂 🙂 🙂

But if we can live this ourselves, then there is all chance our kids would pick it up when they are still kids. And that I think my dear friends would do wonders to them in growing up to become remarkable personalities.

Thanks for reading. What say?


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