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రాగి ముద్ద — ఉలవ చారు (finger millet balls with horsegram rasam)

millet mania continues.. The #sunday #experiment with the finger millet balls and horsegram rasam turns out be finger-licking delicious.

And the 2-tea spoons of rice would keep it all together.
రాగి ముద్ద -- ఉలవ చారు

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Navaratan roti – a traditional indian recipe

IMG_2587, originally uploaded by balusss.

If only you agree that what you eat directly affects your overall health, if only you are convinced of this cycle of influence (Food->Sleep->Work->Performance->Success->Food), may be then that you would need to read further.

Millets were a major part of the diet in ancient India. What our ancestors relished before rice/wheat became main stream agricultural products, has now of course become a portion of our recipes, but then.. um, here is one such extraordinary recipe.

Millet Magic – Add these 9 grains to wheat (each 250gm to 4kg wheat) and it makes the magic flour for you. You can believe what difference ‘health’ can make, only if you experience it.

Long live .. Traditional India.

wheat, mung bean(pesalu), fenugreek(menthulu), chikpeas(sanagalu), corn, jowar(jonnalu), soya, horse gram (ulavalu), black-eyed-peas(bobbarlu) and pearl-millets(sajjalu)

While i like each of them individually, horse-gram being my fav, it really turned out very well that the mixture of all these can make the best ‘atta’ for us. Have been using this for ~2 years and I vouch for its supremacy. The rotis are soft and simply taste healthy 🙂 You only have to try them and u will never use that normal flour again.

Bon appetit.

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